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Who we are

Maailma-kuoro is a vibrant multicultural choir of descant voices (soprano & alto) established in Helsinki in 2010. In its unique and inspiring style Maailma-kuoro performs a cappella renditions of global music capturing strong melodies and soulful harmonies as well as telling stories to reflect the diversity of our community.

In addition to musical activities, the choir strives to act as a meaningful social environment for its members and to promote appreciation for different cultures and diversity through its concerts and performances.

 © Janne Karvinen

Our conductor

Saara Ruuska is a Helsinki-based choral conductor, musician and a pedagogue. She conducts, arranges, composes and sings music passing on stories that convey under-represented voices. She has an endless interest in the power of music: how it brings people together and creates and strengthens communities. At the moment she works with the Ukrainian diaspora in Finland leading a project called "Ukrainian voices" funded by Kone foundation.

Arrangement commissions to Saara Ruuska by email (firstname.surname@gmail.com).

Our repertoire

Maailma-kuoro sings ethnic and traditional a cappella music from all around the Globe. We are always looking for new, interesting songs from growing amount of musical cultures. In the past the choir has focused especially on African rhythms & harmony, as well as in Slavic and Finno-Ugric atmosphere & melodies.

Thank you to our supporters 

Oulunkylän seurakunta - Oulunkylä parish

Helsingin kaupunki - City of Helsinki

Kansalaisfoorumi - Citizens' Forum